UFO Sighting in Sudbury, Ontario on July 10th 2015 – observed bright stationary light from a parking lot for 10 minutes.

The Sighting took place in Sudbury Ontario Canada on 10/07/2015 AT approximately 9:10 PM. I was driving to pick up my lady friend from work just before dark.I parked in the Parking lot of Homesence.i exited the car to wait for her.An object in the sky caught my attention .It stood out from the back ground as it was brightly illuminated, silent & stationary.It appeared to be hovering at an angle which i found strange.I’m familiar with various planes that fly the air space above Sudbury.This was no plane or star .
One other person in the parking lot observed it.I proceeded to take a picture with my cell phone (s4 samsung android) because it was odd that after 10 minutes passed,the object never moved.We tryed to guess what it was.Not much detail was revealed as it was at a signifigant altitude.I left the parking lot returning home perplexed as to what the object could of been.Total observation was around 10 min .The object was still in the same position when i left the area.
Apon returning home i uploaded the pic to the computer to see if i could enhance it for a better look.When i enlarged it,a distinct outline or solid shape seemed to be evident as well as an illuminating consession of lights with a twinkling x patteren along the edge.However the picture quality is very grainy at such a magnification but interesting never the less.I tried different contrast and colours to bring out the most definiton possible.

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