UFO Sighting in Edisto Island, South Carolina on October 20th 2015 – Unusually large, slow-moving, low, completely silent bright orange light with 6-8 star-like points

I was in my front yard & at 11:30 pm and an unusually large & extremely bright odd orange-colored light glided low & slow in a direct line from north to south above me disappearing suddenly after about 10 seconds with a diminished size in the blink of an eye to the size of a distant pin-point star. We have 20 acres & the view was directly overhead with no tree obstruction. In 25 years I have seen many meteor showers, shooting stars & tracked satellites, as well as observed planes, helicopters & military aircraft (including flair drops out over the beach) & this was unlike anything I have ever seen. It was completely silent & left absolutely no trailing noise which, of course, even the highest jet leaves behind. In addition, the normal flight-path is not directly over our property but, closer to the shoreline which is approximately 3 miles from our property. The sky was clear & we are fortunate to have no street-lights/city-lights. The moon had already set low behind the neighboring tree-line leaving a clear view of a zillion bright-white twinkling stars. Military maneuver? Atmospheric illusion of some sort? Hoping someone else in the general Charleston/Beaufort, SC area towards Savannah, GA may have seen and/or reported as well.

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