UFO Sighting in New Braunfels, Texas on October 19th 2015 – 10/19/2015 20:40 to 20:50 Watched 2 red lights ascend, stop, make 90 degree turn. Red lights began flashing. Several direction changes. Lights began flashing red & white. Brightness increased. Then pulsed red lights only. Flew off to the West.

Normally would not report lights in the sky, BUT, this was different.
While sitting outside looking at the stars, I observed several planes flying there routine patterns in/out of San Antonio airport over New Braunfels.
First spotted the two red lights ascending from the San Antonio report direction. They were solid on and red. First wondered where the green and white flashing lights were. Then the two red lights stopped in the sky.
This got my attention. Planes do not stop moving. Then it made a 90 degree turn South. Made several more movements in different directions, each time stopping before changing flight direction. Like it was lost or looking for something. I thought the altitude was too high for a remote control toy.
Oh, the red lights began flashing after the first stop after ascending.
Both red lights flashed together. Appeared to be only one plane? If that was what it was. Finally flew North in a straight line, for a good distance. Stopped and began alternating from red to white lights flashing.
It was brighter lights while doing this alternating white/red light.
Then just red lights again. Then the red lights pulsed instead of flashing.
Did this at least twice while I watched. Finally flew dew West until it went below the tree line of the home across from me.
I have watched the International space station fly overhead and other satellites. With the aid of an App. on my laptop to tell me when and where to look. I’ve watched many planes fly over with there flashing red, green, and white lights. This was NOT one of those.
Still, I felt the object was man made, not alien. Probably someone has a toy, (very expensive one to fly so high) or the military was flying some experimental craft. But the flight direction changes and light show seemed to human controlled.
Reminded me of watching a Goodyear blimp putting on a nighttime light show.
Thought it could be a helicopter, but why all the direction changes and light show. Hope to hear others saw this same object and someone can tell me what it was, cause it was certainly different.
ps: tried to record this with my cell phone, but it was too dark or too far away. Can’t see it on my phone.

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