UFO Sighting in Saint Paul, Minnesota on August 24th 2015 – Was in backyard and saw it hover , descend then took off in straight path

Me and my cousin were outside in my back yard the first time I saw it it came out of nowhere and it zipped in different directions this lasted for about one minute and fifty seconds until it straightened out and vanished it was blurry and changed shape as it moved left and right me and my cousin both believe we saw a UFO he was a sceptic before but now believes me and him ran to the direction we last saw it and followed it for about half A mile but there was no trace of it the next time I saw it though I was quick enough to take a quick photo but when I looked at the photo it was all blurred around the craft but you can see every thing els fine When i first saw it I thought It was a plane but then I saw it moving in directions very fast and it did not look like a plane I first noticed the craft because I was looking in that direction and it just seemed to appear out of no ware I looked like a fussy grayish orb that when it moved left or right it seem to go all static and crazy I lost sight of it when it got to the front of my house and disappeared as fast as it came I felt scared at the time and still do because I have no idea what it was ands it seems to be a rescuing thing In my neighborhood I hope you can look into this case and thank you

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