UFO Sighting in Visalia, California on October 21st 2015 – UFO sighting in early morning hours

As i was driving home from my girlfriends house in the morning, i noticed a dull orange fireball/orb slowly moving just above the tree line. At first i thought it was a plane or maybe a chinese lantern, but those thoughts quickly faded as i watched the object change from orb like to a elongated cigar shape with a pulsating tail. I was so shocked by what i was seeing i didnt realize i had come to a complete stop in the middle of the road. So i pulled over and continued observing the object. To my amazment that pulsating “tail” i mentioned, broke off of the main object and hovered and pulsated before following the main object and then disappeared. I continued to watch and the again main object broke of another piece that pulsated and followed the main object for a little before blinking out. Then the main object accelerated quickly to the upper atmosphere until i could no longer see it.

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