UFO Sighting in Mount Vernon, Washington on November 13th 1995 – me and a friend were driving to meet up with friends when i noticed it in the clouds I said nothing then she saw it and said you see it to I replied that I didn’t want to say anything tell she mentioned it come to find out she had been m aybee abducted be

So about midnight or 1 in the am me and a girlfriend were headed to go meet up with our friends when I turned east on Bennett rd it was partly cloudy but the moon light seems pretty bright and as I notice an object about half mile ahead my car had a sun roof as I see this disk like object no sound no lights but all I could see was that it had an outer ring that seems to spin and seems to wave at the same time as it is spinning as I get closer the rd bears north east as I approached closer it seems to come over above the light poles and got closer and lower till it couldn’t be any lower at one point the pass says you see it don’t you and I said of course how can you not see that thing finally we get to the pulver rd turned right it keeps following us so as I get excited I’ve never seen a ufo she’s not nappy very scared so I stop at a house just in the road leave the car running again I’m in the road in front of a house I tell her I’m getting out to get a look at it and she starts pleading With me and crying hysterically so I get scared and as I looked out at it gone I thought looked around and there it was in front of a huge rectangle of a ship looked huge just hovering over I 5 auto world so now I’m scared too so I through my car in reverse and head back the way we came and the disk came back instantly and following us just above the light poles so I turned off the road were my sister lived at the time and realized it was gone never saw it again looking back I realize that it felt like time was stopped and there wasn’t any lights on nowhere were we abducted we don’t know but it was weird for sure she said that she had other encounters

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