UFO Sighting in Trenton, Michigan on October 4th 2015 – Appeared to be three orbs but could not tell if it was one craft or three

I was letting my dog out on his chain about 9 p.m. out back of my apartments and was standing out there as we had recently had coyote attacks in the area. I looked to the left and three orbs about 500 feet up. Cant tell if there were three objects flying in a staggered formation or one object with the center light offset, but the lights stayed the same distance apart from each other and flew a steady path from north to south not blinking one time like nothing I’ve seen before. A plane was flying about half a mile above it from east to west with obvious red and blue blinking lights.I watched this for about 45 seconds to a minute until it went out of view over a tree line. When i first seen it I was excited I suppose, i first started thinking though that maybe it was military, but the more i thought about it i wasnt so sure. I came back inside and told my wife. The next day some friends suggested could they have been chinese lanterns. I instantly say no cause they would have changed spacing and flickered.

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