UFO Sighting in Vernal, Utah on February 10th 2013 – Red eyes about nine to eleven feet tall walked on 2 feet gn

On Feb 10 2023 at about 1:30 am I and my son were in my driveway installing a stereo in my Durango when we heard in the field across our street coyotes had started to feed the kits a very late pack of them when we heard several like howls from something unknown then they began to hoot at each other. And then all hell broke out it seemed that whatever was howling attacked the coyotes and was tearing them apart it was very very loud and terrifying to listen to.after it ended my neighbor came out and asked us what the hell it was we said we had no idea what just attacked the coyotes we went into the woods to see but had a terrible fear and went into our home .the next evening it was raining alot and I had several friends over and told them of what we heard so we all went outside to tell n show them about where it happened and in the field was red glowing eyes staring rite at us I hit them with a laser pointer and then from behind the first being four then six more stepped out from behind it and then they were like jumping and frolicking about each other but at all time the first one stayed staring at us when I noticed that 2 on each side started walking to toe side of the field and I said they are hunting us and we’re trying to gain our flanks and we ran into our home .we waited several hours but all through the night they were there staring at my house. The next day they were gone we could not find footprints which was crazy as it rained all night when we measured to the height of the red eyes they were at about ten feet tall. After that I have had several strange events and floating strong orbs in the sky above my home one night me my son and a friend witnessed one of the flashing lighted crafts land in the mtn range just above my home . I have been unable to shake the fear and uneasy feelings after these events my dogs have several times run into my home and been scared and ready to attack whatever had spooked them one night a terrible bswooshing wing and a jet like explosion blew through my yard and a tree in my back yard that had fallen down going in a south direction it was picked up turned 180 degrees and sat down with no markings from it being moved in the earth I live in fear and unease I can’t even leave my house some days from the fear I don’t know what is surrounding my home n life but it is getting worse I need help please .

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