Google Searches: Focus On Air Force UFO Chases

(U.S. Air Force UFO Chase) (Web)
(Air Force UFO Chase) (Web)

(Luftwaffe UFO Verfolgungsjagd (Chase) (German) (Web)

(Aeronautica Militare Inseguimenti (Chase) (Italian) UFO) (Web)
(l’Armée de l’Air Chassé (Chase) (French) OVNI) (Web)
(l’Armée de l’Air Poursuite (Pursuit) (French) OVNI) (Web)
(Fuerza Aérea Persecución (Chase) (Spanish) OVNI) (Web)

(Força Aérea Perseguição (Chase) (Portuguese) OVNI) (Web)

Belgian Air Force radar screen showing the UFO echo 
during  the 30 March 1990 (at 11:00 p.m.) UFO chase
( image)

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