UFO Sighting in Boca Raton, Florida on October 23rd 2015 – brightest light appeared below clouds

i was at work on my lunch break sitting at the beach looking at the sky. i first noticed the object as it lit up and just appeared with out any warning. i first though it was one of the brighter stars, but the size was just way to big to be a star. i watched it sit there for about 5 min. it moved a little to the right then a little to the left, after which it stopped and then moved away from me.as it was flying over the water the light went dark in less then 1 seconed.i felt some what calm, and excited at the same time. i felt a little confused being this is my 3rd time seeing something so bizarre.i looked for some co works to get their attention but no one was around me. i tried to get my phone so i could record it but i could not get the camera to come up fast enough on my phone. the object went in the eastern direction, the light was about the size of my pinky nail with my arm extended outward,within one to one and one half sec the light was dim then gone.

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