UFO Sighting in Greenville, North Carolina on October 23rd 2015 – Red/Green/White Flashing Star-Like Object Moved slowly to the left side of sky, lowest object in sky

1. Driving from Raleigh, Nc to Greenville, Nc about 33 minutes outside Greenville on 264 East. Roughly 2:40 this morning (10/23/2015)
2. I first noticed two or three shooting stars. One of which was very, very fast and much larger than the first.
3. It seemed to be a plane but was moving much too slow. Continued to slowly move to the left side of the sky.
4. It has continuous blinking white, red, and green lights which flashed at different intervals. It was the lowest, and brightest thing in the sky.
5. I wanted to look up if there were meteor showers this morning. But couldn’t find any information online. I considered it to be a plane or a star, but there was something odd about it. I had a strange feeling the people in the car ahead of me were looking at it too. I had the urge to pull my car over and look at it longer. It was hypnotique, as if something was sending a message.
6. I was driving and could no longer see it. I watched the star for at least ten minutes heading east on 264 towards Greenville.

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