UFO Sighting in Saint Louis, Missouri on October 23rd 2015 – Humming object with lights flew low in sky almost over my head

I have house dogs who ask to be taken out. At 4:52AM, As I opened my front door and started to step onto the porch, with the leash in my hand, I immediately saw an object flying very low in the sky coming towards us. I first remember thinking that it was a plane flying very very low, until I saw the pattern of bright white lights at the bottom: a row of 2 or 3 and just above that another, a bit longer row of lights, maybe 6 or 7. On the belly of the object. I also realized that it was not making noise as a plane would, even a plane flying low beginning to land. It was a barely audible pulsating hum. It was also approaching faster than a plane flying that low would be, faster than a plane flying overhead in a landing pattern would be, but slow enough to give me time to really look at it.

I’m a retired Investigator and it’s natural for me to immediately take in details quickly, to notice things and that instinct kicked in, even though I’d realized what this could be, even though I was standing there, totally in awe. And – the fact that I have a partially photographic memory helped too.

As I reached the end of the porch, still looking up, our solar powered motion sensor light came on behind us, illuminating me from the back. About a second later, the object, which was nearly overhead and which I could almost see the outlines of, suddenly slowed down, almost stopping, hesitated, it looked like it may have wobbled – and I remember thinking it was almost as if it – whoever was flying it, saw the porch-light come on and saw me standing there, illuminated by it, mesmerized. There are not many lights on that early in our neighborhood, our porch-light is a very bright white light and would stand out, and they were flying low enough I guess it was possible that whoever it was did see me.

After hesitating for a moment, the object made a slight turn, still NW but more to the West and it completed the turn much more quickly than a plane would have. Also, by this time, I could see more of an outline of the object and could see it was definitely not a plane – it was much much shorter in length and width. The white lights which I’d noticed initially were located at the on the bottom of the object – on its “belly”

There is a gas station about a block away towards the Northwest, which has so many lights so bright a plane could land, and as it made the slight turn, it was almost directly overhead and I could see more of the outline and it looked as if it were either a light color, or was made of some reflective material that was reflecting the bright lights of the gas station, or possibly illuminated by lights on tops of it I could not see, if it was actually glowing faintly – and I could see it was definitely NOT a plane. There was no wings, no tail. It looked almost “shuttle like”, Not as in our space shuttle. More of a wedge shape – but definitely not flat – it looked as if the objects height may have been about 1/3 of the body length. I could not see if there were windows.

After it passed, I saw the back, and there were 3 pale orange/yellow, glowing and much much larger round lights, in a triangular shape, they actually looked more like the bottom of a rocket (where there are emissions) – but there were none – instead, they glowed. It definitely looked as if whatever it was was being propelled by whatever those orange lights were, like they were a form of propulsion – only with no emission.

As it approached the trees in the distance, it looked as if it may have shifted direction again, still Northwest, but more North than Northwest. Then, once it passed the trees it was out of my line of sight.

That was, amazingly…….COOL! I have experienced sightings before, before this just happened, over 30 years ago, several friends and I sitting on a bluff overlooking Peoria near midnight watched in awe as what was obviously a fairly sizable flying object, both hovered and darted about in the sky. That object had a dark outline and had many lights, but because it was a distance away, it was just a bit bigger than a dime in our line of vision. We watched it for a good 5 minutes, and it suddenly zipped away. Before this, that was my best experience. This object was just a bit bigger than a golf ball in my line of vision as it passed overhead. This……was awesome! And that’s how I was feeling as it hesitated as they saw me standing there, heck, I wanted to invite them in for coffee!

I do not carry my phone outside with me when I take the dogs out – am afraid they will suddenly dart towards a critter and with me holding the leash, would drop my phone, but I am regretting not having it with me – I could have taken quite a few pictures at the speed in which it was traveling. I am going to find a way to carry it with me from now on….

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