‘Ufologist’ hoaxers?

I’m still amazed by certain media (notably Yahoo) that keep posting UFO stories whose source is apparently from a ‘Ufologist’.

One of these Ufologists is Scott C. Waring, who runs his own website UFO Sightings Daily . . . . . yes, I’m sure you’ve heard his name before 🙂 . . . . he’s the guy who keeps posting videos about faces, bones, tanks, Egyptians etc on the surface of Mars. The latest article I saw relating to him included a photo of the Martian surface with REAL water running down the sand!

I think his name is on this Forum’s ‘Blacklist’.

Anyway, it really annoys me that certain media keep putting out UFO stories and quoting their source as Scott C Waring, because in my view, it’s people like him who claim to be UFO Researchers that actually make Ufology the laughing stock. It’s no wonder people (and especially the media) think Ufology is a joke.

I was going to write a lot more on this, but it seems one guy has beaten me to it by putting together a video about Mr. Scott C.Waring . . . . . . it contains A LOT of expletives . . . SO BEWARE those of you with a sensitive disposition . . . . but equally, I couldn’t help finding it hilarious at the same time. He’s hit the nail on the head 🙂

Hope the Mods are ok with me putting this up here:

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