How JFK conspiracy theorist’s warp reality. Part 1. Zapruder.

Recently YouTuber, artherI046 has been spreading Zapruder Fakery misinformation.
When confronted about this theory arther starts with the unnecessary vile abuse so I was inspired to make this video and show that arther needs to learn about perspective and good manners.
One thing I would like to clarify though, arther says that there is a mother and daughter, but buggered if I can find the lady’s daughter at the Nix frame he indicates???
I singled out the lady going towards the bridge in the last frames of the Nix film, because everyone else is easily accounted for in Zapruder.
Never the less arther has his lamposts all mixed up and this video will hopefully put him on the right track.

This is the comment being spammed by artherI046, the times are not appropriate for this video.

“****Zapruder film fraud. MISSING Woman & Daughter****
Video “JFK Nix Film stabilized analyzed enhanced”. At 1:52 Nix has Zapruder on his concrete pier. At 1:55 the Main St light pole. At 1:57 see Woman-Daughter left of that light pole, going toward the bridge
Video “Hi quality footage of JFK Assassination”. At 1:23 the same light pole on Main St, & you see Main St, but NO Woman-Daughter part to the right going toward the bridge. The conspirators film artists neglected them during alterations.”

These are some of the more tasteful comments from arther defending his position. LOL

“The street light and Main St starts at frame 368. The mother-girl must be after that frame going toward the bridge, not before it, you stupid douche bag. They are on this Nix video past that street light going toward the bridge, but not on the Z video.
Your video does not exist. Did you get a recent lobotomy? Does Bellevue Hospital know you’re missing?”

“The zapruder film is an altered phony. The cia purchased it, via Gen. CD Jackson, WWII OSS Deputy Chief – Psychological Warfare Division. As stated above, Henry Luce was high in the cia.
Now, go back to your boyfriends in Langley and request your usual ass drilling that you love to receive. This time, don’t forget to put the Vaseline in your crack.”

“Dave, I hear you are still sucking d*cks at the Langley HQ.”

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