Some questions about Greys

Hello all. I’m looking for a few specific details about the Greys. Please note that I would prefer real personal experiences, but if you can speculate if you’d like (just let me know if it’s an experience or speculation)

So I’m planning a graphic novel involving two, maybe more types of aliens/hybrids, primarily Greys. And I know there is a lot of information out there already, but I either haven’t found what I’m looking for OR the source was not reliable. Here’s hoping that I’ll get truthful responses from you guys. My questions are:

1. Relationships: Are you close or very familiar with a Grey? How often are you in contact with eachother? Would you say your relationship with them is similar or different than with other humans? How are they different?

2. Dimensional mumbo-jumbo: When an alien appears, say, in someone’s room… is it their actual physical form there or some sort of projection? Perhaps it’s only a mental image?

3, and lastly, Clothing: If you’ve observed Tall Greys, were they all wearing some sort of clothing? And were they all the typical jumpsuit-type or were there different types of clothes?

Thank you so much for reading, and all responses are appreciated <3

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