UFO Sighting in Hesperia, California on October 24th 2015 – driving and saw a bright light. looked like 2 suns. clouds were there and was getting thinner,a rainbow, and sun was in my eyes , got phone and took a picture and hoped i got it. got home, looked at picture and OMG there ot was 2.

My mother in law and I wanted to go shopping today, so we got in the car and headed to the store she wanted to go to. We spent a about 1&1/2 hours in the store and never looked at my phone to see what time it was. Finally got to the check out and left. As we were now going to get a pie at Marie Calendars I saw what looked like 2 suns. I said look at that. We both saw it. The clouds were over this Bright light and as we were driving looked again and the clouds were thinning out and I saw a small rainbow. I’m thinking spacecraft it’s got to be a spacecraft. I was calm just thinking to myself and then I though oh take a picture of this because seeing 2 suns was not true. I took a picture and the sun was.in my eyes and I was hoping I a picture of the clouds, I looked up and thought I would take another picture just incase the firt one didn’t show anything. I kept looking at that spot for maybe a minute and the car was changing position and I couldn’t see it anymore. We got home, took the stuff out of the car and went and got my phone and looked and hoping I got something. I looked and low and behold OMG 2 what looks to be spacecraft’s. I was saying to myself “yea call me a list now” out loud as I was taking the phone to my mom. I showed her the picture and she said well the air force is right here. Mom said that I was watching way too much of the alien stuff and asked are you an alien? I knew that I might have something so I posted something on mufon facebook page then I thought no go to mufon sight and let someone know what I saw.

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