UFO Sighting in Langelsheim, Lower Saxony on October 24th 2015 – On holiday in Germany, saw searchlight type light anomoly, then 5 days later ufo appears

On 19/10/15 was directed to kitchen window, facing northwest towards town of Goslar, apartment I’m staying at is in Langelsheim, where I observed a pulsating light anomaly. Inverted triangles coming in on themselves, then maneuvering back towards it’s out most size, moving from right to left and back again in a squid like manner. On the morning of 24/10/15, at approx. 02:30 am, I had woken up and went to the same kitchen window and opened it to smoke when I sighted a bright chandelier type object, hovering in the distance between Langelsheim and Goslar. The object sparkled on it’s lower level an array of colours from green to blue and back. It’s upper level seemed to sparkle varying red/gold from amber to blood red and back, both levels shining in a sequenced pattern. I watched the craft hover for about 30 minutes. Height level unknown, I would approximate the craft at this trajectory and distance to have been less than a mile above ground. All trajectory information is approximate.

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