Massive, V-Shaped UFO Comes Within Feet of Witness

Massive, V-Shaped UFO Comes Within Feet of Witness 10-4-15
Witness illustration. (- click to enlarge – Credit: MUFON)

By Alejandro Rojas

     A Nebraska witness at Omaha reported watching what first appeared as a white cloud that moved in close revealing a large, boomerang-shaped UFO, according to testimony from Case 71558 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The incident occurred beginning at 8:20 p.m. on October 4, 2015, as the witness stepped outside onto a third floor deck.

“It was just turning dusk and the stars were not shining that bright yet,” the witness stated.“My deck faces east and as I glanced to the left, which is north, I noticed a white cloud very low just over the tree tops. There was little wind, but the cloud was moving very slowly which seemed odd.”

More details were revealed once the object moved closer.

“As it came closer it changed shape into a V-shaped craft, dark gray in color. There were no lights and it had the faint sound of the wind as it moved to the south.”

The object was very close to the witness at this point.

“It was maybe 10 feet above me when it was directly in front of me. The image as it appeared was one of mass, very large, maybe 50 to 75 feet across. It was so close that I couldn’t make out the whole of it, just the wings. I kept thinking, am I really experiencing this? I knew it was a UFO, but it was still hard to believe what I was seeing. I didn’t move, just stood mesmerized that this was happening.”

The object quickly moved away. […]

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