UFO Sighting in East Lansing, Michigan on October 25th 2015 – 2 bright lights like a supernova equal distance apart with one brighter asended

Walked outside early this morning around 5:30am EST and saw 2 new star like objects in the eastern sky. I look at the night sky every night and have never seen this pair of very very bright sphere star like objects.The pair was at the treetop level at what seemed to be a height of objects in orbit. They seemed to change direction a little and ascend upwards at 5:45am EST when I went outside again. These objects are so bright in the sky they look like what you would expect to see if super nova light reached earth. One object is about twice the brightness of it’s counterpart. The objects are horizontallu spread apart. These objects are vastly brighter than any star in the sky by a factor of 5 at least.

The photo I have attached is the best my crappy phone camera could do. On the left side of the picture is my gutter on my roof and the two white objects are slightly squiggly becausemy hands are not perfectly still. It is a testament of how bright these objects are due to the fact that my phone has never been able to capture other bright stars,not even Sirius..

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