Black Triangle Sighting in Hunterdon, New Jersey on October 8th 2015 – 3 Lights with Beam and 3 Lights to left of lights in Triangle shape

I submitted this a few days ago without pictures but now I am submitting with the pictures. Taken by a friend in Flemington, NJ parking lot around Oct. 8th while waiting to take his father for treatment. Early morning before sunrise. he thought it was of the sun trying to poke through for a beautiful sunrise. It was a cloudy day and too early for the sunrise. The 3 lights are much higher then the street lights. In his second shot the middle light with beam looks as if it is merging with the end light to right with beam. Also to the left are 3 lights in a triangle shape. He gave me permission to submit these pictures because I believe its more then a sunrise. I think he captured more than that and would like some feedback.


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