Invisibility Cloak Technology – Metamaterials Lecture

Discussing invisibility cloak technology, in his lecture entitled Metamaterials and the Science of Invisibility, Professor John Pendry delivers an insightful and thought provoking speech at the Imperial College London in 2013.

Metamaterial cloaking is the usage of metamaterials in an invisibility cloak. This is accomplished by manipulating the paths traversed by light through a novel optical material. Metamaterials direct and control the propagation and transmission of specified parts of the light spectrum and demonstrate the potential to render an object seemingly invisible. Metamaterial cloaking, based on transformation optics, describes the process of shielding something from view by controlling electromagnetic radiation. Objects in the defined location are still present, but incident waves are guided around them without being affected by the object itself.

Our thanks to the Institute of Physics for making this video available.

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