UFO Sighting in Elm City, North Carolina on September 23rd 2015 – some white some colored orbs that move every night.

Looking out my bathroom window 2) Nothing made me notice, just looking. 3)Thought it was a bright star 4)Stationary, then it moved too quick to be aircraft. 5)I called my husband to look, he admitted it was no plane. 6)The object stays from 1 a.m. till around 5:30 a.m.

I used binoculars, along with son and husband. All 3 see the same orbs every single night when we look. They look like Christmas lights, very beautiful. They don’t move much. Lots of orbs on towards southern sky.

On 10/26/2015, looked out bathroom window at approx. 5:15. Full moon that night, no stars or orbs seen on full moons. Saw brightest orb coming up from behind treeline. It went as high as most planes were, stopped, turned it’s lights off, suddenly saw a small blinking red light like would be on aircraft. Could see the outline of orb and it changed into a form of a plane that carries passengers. It flew north, red light blinking, copying that of an airplane.

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