UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on October 26th 2015 – 2 extremely bright lit objects stationary in sky for lenghthy period no sound all stars very dim juxtaposed

Took my dog into my backyard to pee. After approx 3 or 4 mins I felt this urge to look up to my left to see 2 brilliantly lit objects close in proximity to each other by approx. 50-100 feet or so apart. It seemed the objects were there for awhile. I shot video and took photos then finally went back into my home, objects still hovering over the Canoga Park/Woodland Hills area in complete silence.

I took photos of the clearly visible stars (Orions Belt, big & little dipper) that were to the far, far right of the objects to show a comparison of how low altitude objects were and how dim the star light was in comparison to the lit objects.

When I first saw the objects, I thought they may have been 2 police helicopters hovering with their spot lights on but, then I realized that I would have been able to hear the rotors based on their distance from me. Also, the were no strobe or flashing beacons that all aircraft have. Additionally, the lights of the 2 objects were far brighter than anything I’d ever seen on an

After I took photos and watched the objects for approx 8-10 minutes, I went back into my house to go to bed. The objects were still in the sky in the same location, not making a sound.

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