UFO Sighting in Nevada, Missouri on October 25th 2015 – Star like at first,with lights that flicker then gets brighter

# 1 I was at home,watching the night sky as i usually do.Isaw this familiar ufo and put it in the crosshairs of my telescope 114az by Meade co. #2 I have been watching this same ufo now for a few years so i can pick it out pretty easily in the night sky i know its patterns. #3 The object in question always appears at first to be star like then shortly after watching its patterns in the sky i notice its the same thing i have been watching for sometime now.#4 This object always seems to have a flicker to it in that the lights that it has flicker and is small in the beginning and its pattern always seems to start in the northern sky and goes east,after spotting it in the northern sky it always goes south until it appears to stop and hover in the eastern sky.This object has a very strange hovering pattern in that it moves in circles then goes left then goes down and then back up at the same time moving very slowly towards the east .This object always appears just after dark and can be seen until 7;30 or saw the following morning as it did this time.I do notice that as it becomes lighter in the morning hours it takes somewhat of a shape to it but it is hard to dtermine exactly what it is at this time. #5 I find this extremely interesting and can not fatham why this has never been noticed from an observitory.I completely understand how this must sound but this MUST be seen……As i have said before these sightings will cease as the winter months get further along HOWEVER, I dont think this object ever goes away i believe we just cant see it because of the cloud cover that is asocciated with the winter months.WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO HERE TO GET SOMEONE HERE TO VIEW THIS OBJECT !!!!!!! #6 I lose sight of this object as the morning sun climbs higher and higher,IT is then i always see a sort of shape to it but cannot make it out with my telescope.This object as the sun gets brighter and brighter gets dimmer and dimmer however as i have noticed all along it is always the last thing seen in the morning sky when all the other stars have gone.

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