UFO Sightings in Caboolture and Bribie Island | VIDEO

UFO Sightings in Caboolture and Bribie Island

By Dominic Cansdale

     Caboolture and Bribie Island have been identified as UFO hotspots in a new Queensland-made documentary Australien Skies.

In an interview with Clare Blake on 4BC, Director Don Meers said that with less light pollution, the area has a significant history of “high strangeness”.

“A lot of them are like balls in the sky, small balls [of] different colours: red, white, metallic, grey.”

The project involved the input of renowned ufologist Damien Nott who has allegedly witnessed over 2000 ‘incidents’.

“I think a lot of people might see things once or twice in their lives, or something like that, whereas Damien and people like him…they see them on a recurring basis,” said Mr Meers.

“By the end of it, we had a couple of things that we saw and that turned us.

“It got a bit scary actually, a little bit eery, and [it] definitely moved us from [looking] through the safety of a viewfinder with a camera to actually suddenly realising ‘we’re involved in this now, something’s going on here.'” […]

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