UFO Sighting in Monmouth, Oregon on December 21st 2014 – It was astonishing! I could not believe what I saw! It was of this world, due to way it was build and some of the anolog movement of the dome parts.

On December 21, 2014 at approximately 7:37PM, at our house in Monmouth, Oregon; where my brother was out in our front yard taking a smoke break, I was in our living room, after bringing in groceries, with the door open when I heard my brother say, ���My Name”, what���s this?��� I immediately came out to the front yard. My brother said, ���Look���, while pointing up. I looked up and saw this unidentified flying object that measured about the length of our house, which is about 55-60 feet in length. It was constructed much like a bus or a recreational vehicle or a travel trailer. The experience was quite up front and personal. It appeared to be holographic in nature, taking on a cloud form. The craft looked quite huge. It made me feel as though it were something that crawled out of a science-fiction novel. I Then called my mother, ���Mom, you should come out and see this!��� My mother came out and I pointed up. We were all looking up at this huge craft that was zeroing down on our property and seemed to be photographing us, remote bio-sensing us or both. My family and I are about as interesting as the Simpsons. I don���t know why this craft was so interested in us. This craft hovered at about 500 feet from the ground, as if it were riding a magic carpet. It made no engine sound and it had no lights, except for the amber dome on the front that emitted light from electrical sparks. This amber dome seemed to be plated with something such as gold. It seemed to be something similar to the plating of face plates on space helmets. This plating in some areas looked like it had worn away, making it translucent in some areas of the dome. The craft was pointing north-easterly towards the Independence Municipal Airport in the bordering town of Independence, Oregon, where an airport beacon is rotating and can be seen from our house. The craft was pointing in the direction of this beam as it was floating in the air. Monmouth and Independence, Oregon are two towns located about 34 and 36 miles respectively, south of McMinnville, Oregon, where there has been a history of many UFO sightings and where an airport is located. At the same time this craft was pointing in a north-easterly direction, the craft seemed to be focusing on us with this amber light that was not very bright. This ���light���, camera or bio-sensing device, was pointing right down on us. It looked more like one of those security cameras you see under a dome in a department store. A mechanism within the dome of this ���light��� would go from side-to-side and rotate back and forth as though it were photographing or remote bio-sensing us or doing some kind of remote sensing. It was quite invasive, but I, nor others in our family really felt any fear, at least not enough to run away. My mother did indicate later-on that she did feel afraid. But at least I could speak for myself in stating that I was NOT afraid, I was fascinated. As this mechanism moved, it would flash a faint amber light that appeared to spark at the base of the internal mechanism. I could also hear this mechanism shifting from side-to-side as it was moving (���cachuck-cachuck���).
It was at the nose portion of this craft where the above mentioned amber dome was fixed. I walked forward, to the end of our front yard patio, toward the craft, which was on the left side of me. As I was looking up, I noticed the craft as the LED Street light shined against the bottom of the craft. I noticed the bottom of this craft was coal black. At this same time, I glanced at the side of the craft and saw a white skin, with a purple holographic effect. I had good advantage of this LED Street light when looking at this craft. It came down to a floating level of about 50-100 feet from the ground. When the craft maneuvered over me, it moved back-and-forth, seeming to get coordinated as it was zeroing-in on me. As I was standing closer to this craft, I was intensely looking into this dome. I wanted to see how this dome mechanism was functioning. As I stared into this dome, the craft shifted over to the right side of me and descended to a level of about 50 to 100 feet above the ground. I was left obsessed by this event to the point that I didn���t want to let it go. I would hear of others experiences of encountering UFOs, now it was my turn and I was going to take full advantage of it! As I continued to intently stare into the mechanism inside, the dome would move from side-to-side and rotate counter-clockwise to clockwise. As I stared even more into this mechanism, it began rotating counter-clockwise to clockwise more and more rapidly, as though whoever was operating the mechanism was responding to my curiosity. As this mechanism rotated, I saw this mechanism move. I also saw amber sparks inside this dome and I heard a sliding sound as this mechanism rotated. I backed away to go in the house to get my binoculars so I could get a better look at it. As I backed away, the craft moved back over to the left and went back to its 500 foot level. By the time I returned with my binoculars, my mother told me it was gone. My mother told me it vanished in thin-air. It was approximately a stretch of three minutes from the time it arrived, to the time it disappeared. I have been having ���flash-backs��� of my experience. Just talking about this with others brings about memories of this object. I can lay in bed at night and these ���flash-backs��� occur. I had more of those ���flash-backs���. I remembered how I looked into this amber dome. I remember watching this internal mechanism moving and began recalling in my mind how I saw the detailed areas of the mechanical parts. At that point, in my own minds eye; I began visualizing the recessed fastening screws and the pivot joints that enabled this movable ring to turn counter-clockwise to clockwise. I could see no mechanism in the middle of this ring to produce functionality- such as a camera. I also saw a white tag or sticker on the side of the ring, or possibly a riveted metal tag to the side of the ring. The ring also had rocking pivot joints along the side of the contraption, which allowed the ring to rock back-and-forth. The device had a brown anodized coating on both the ring and brackets. In my memory/���flash-backs���, the above, I took out some paper and a pencil and began making quick sketches. That turned into my final refined drawings.
The craft itself was white. It appeared to be man-made, due to what seems to be sheet metal fabricated and riveted. The hardware itself looked as well as being man-made. The amber dome with the movable mechanism, seems to be our technology, (like I mentioned above) with the similar structure of security cameras you see in a retail store. The mechanism also made a sound as it was moving, suggesting to me, mechanical or analogue movement. It did disappear in thin-air, so it appeared to have both present-day and advanced technology mixed together- otherwise, why would something like that just disappear? Towards the lower second-third of the craft, I noticed what appeared to be a communications antenna, which also suggests present-day technology. The front-end of the craft had a forward pitch of 35 degrees. It was on the under-side of this pitch that this amber light or camera is located. The underside of the craft was black and had horizontal corrugated lines from front to rear. The windows along the top portion of the craft where the glass portion would be, was recessed. The color of the craft was white, but when I looked up at it from where I was standing, it gave-off a holographic purple color along the edge around the sides. Another striking feature, was the upper-third portion of the bottom. It appeared to be recessed. I am quite curious as to the function of this area. Maybe this is where the craft is navigated?
As I watched this craft, it was truly a jaw-dropping experience. If I had dentures, they would have been on the patio. We could not believe what we saw!
There is one thing that strikes my wonder. The craft we saw that evening was not just a far-away craft. It was close enough to see part of its technology. I have been talking about this with neighbors and friends, but I have not been visited by the ���Men in Black��� (not that I am anxious to meet them) or any other government agents, telling me to ���keep your mouth shut��� type of threats; while others who have had not quite so profound sightings have had these types of threats from the above types of people.
I was late on reporting this issue, due to being given the ���run-a-round��� and ���brushed-off��� by agencies who made me feel ignored. I just gave-up and did not continue pursuing, until the situation started bothering me so much that I continued my contacts. After I gave-up pursuing, I spent my time doing research on the subject, such as trying to match my sightings of the craft I saw, with others who have possibly viewed the same object, with no success. I got busy with writing my document and creating my sketches, which took a long time. I have worked so hard on this material. While the project has been fun, it has also been emotionally draining. Perhaps there will be other people who would be interested in my documentation and I am trying hard to get these sent. I first want to make sure any material is plain and intelligible and legible. I have an affinity for perfection and I want what I am taking the time to present, to count for something.
Monmouth, Oregon, with a population of 9,726 is 214 feet above sea level. It is a city in Polk County, Oregon. It is located about 34 miles south of McMinnville; 20 miles north of Corvallis and 16 miles west of Salem. The coast is only a short drive of about 47 miles along US Hi-Way 20 to beautiful Lincoln City. Monmouth is surrounded by a thriving farming community. It is also home to the Western Oregon University ���Wolves���.

I have sketches that I would like to submit. I need to get to a digitizer and do this. How can I continue below, with the Multimedia Attachment section?

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