UFO Sighting in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on October 26th 2015 – Hugh nothing I’ve seen . Maybe stealth bomber but moved so slow

Son and I do karate boot camp we were walking to car wanted to show son the 3 planets were aleigned this week so I was looking for those planets. Then right above us and slowly moving past heading west . Ran back to karate class and had others come out and look. It covered the sky, 3 red flashing lights behind it , very low, full moon so u could see the shape somewhat. Shook me up all night and I don’t believe n ufo. When lights flashed u could see the rounded bk gray steel surface. N my pic u see green doom on top of ship. Video would not capture it . Pic did. I am still n disbelief of this sighting . Next day say increase n military planes flying but don’t know if it’s just a coencidence. Neighbor is traffic controller he said nothing on radar but would check again.

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