UFO Sighting in Ontario, Ontario on October 27th 2015 – smaller orb and 5 min after bright light going stright up

I was having a smoke out my window and notice
The planes the go west and planes going east were heading south at this time I watch as more and more planes were heading south which is unlike the regular routine I’ve been seeing the 15 years living here so I watched soon after I seen an orb shooting upwards on a sharp angle .5min want by and was watching yet anothe plane changing chourse that’s when I seen this bright light appear out of no where and shoot up after about 2 seconds it was gone. Also the reasons I started watching head because I seen this plan that sounded like a propleller kind being followed by anothe plane with just red lights I don’t known if it has anything to do with this but I’ve never seen that befor around here I thought it’s should said as well.

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