UFO Sighting in San Diego, California on October 27th 2015 – Large scatter of rapidly, but random, flashing red lights in an area about the size of a small blimp

During the first game of the Workd Series, I walked out side for a quick smoke. Looking west at 7:52pm, I saw a very unusual sight. I saw numerous flashing red lights covering an area about 3 inches by 2 inches at arms length. These were not lanti collision lights on a plane, but we’re blinking faster and in various locations within within 3 by 2 inch area at arms length. It seemed like I should see a craft, but I did not. The Radom cluster of red lights moved NE and I lost track of it due north. I first observed it at about 45 degrees almost due west of me and lost sight of it at about 30 degrees about due north. It seemed very low. I live close to the San Diego airport, so am very used to planes, various military aircraft and of course blimps. This cluster of lights seemed like it may be associated with a large craft, but I could not see a craft, just the blinking lights. This cluster of lights was silent. It should have been very loud, but it was silent. At any one moment I could see 5 randomly flashing lights, sometimes 6 or 7 lights.

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