Alien Valley; The Movie.


Alien Valley

Some mysteries are not meant to be solved.

Fact! There have been thousands of cattle mutilations in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico since the 1960’s- gruesome scenes where cows are found with surgical-like incisions, missing organs and drained of blood. Often, there are no predator tracks. Despite the devastating impact on local ranchers and an FBI investigation, there have been zero mutilation related convictions. This has spawned a whole host of UFO tales and government conspiracies and Colorado’s San Luis Valley is the epicenter for the phenomenon.


After investigating the unexplained mystery of cattle mutilations in Colorado’s San Luis Valley, the crew from a paranormal reality series fights to escape the clutches of a bloodthirsty alien.


Alien Valley cast with screenwriter Kris Simms, second from the right.

Thursday, July 11th 2013, was the premier of Nightside Productions, Alien Valley formerly known as  P.M. Since the initial premier, it became 2014 Official Selection of the Starfest Film Festival, Denver and 2014 Official Selection Horrorfest Film Festival, Denver. I had the pleasure working with the film’s developers supplying personal pictures and information based on my cattle mutilation investigations in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. ( I also pop up in the movie a couple of times.)

Now the film is officially released to the public and can currently be seen on:

Amazon Prime

Google Play

For those who want a sneak peek, here is the official trailer.

Vimeo On Demand:

The movie is also on Limited Edition DVD, for information email:


The following link is to my previous blog on the 2013 release.

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