Black Triangle Sighting in Henderson, Nevada on October 27th 2015 – Triangular Craft sited on Boulder Highway Just south of Sunset Rd. Near Joker’s Wild

I was driving down Boulder Highway Going North. I had just left the Joker’s Wild casino. I first noticed the object to my left which would be to the West. It was a Full Moon out the sky was well lit and Las Vegas and the strip was to the west/North-West. I First noticed the object by Light and movement. When I turned my head to view the object there was no hesitation, no doubt in my mind what it was. It was clearly a outlined Triangular craft, the lights of the craft and of the night sky gave it some depth as to its size and shape. It was not in any holding pattern or approach pattern to McCarran International Airport, which I am very familiar with. Along with my initial viewing of it and automatically able to identify it as being a Triangular craft that was not an Airplane. I got the automatic impression that it was military or part of the SSP(Secret Space Program). It seemed to be in cruise mode and flying just as fast as any regular airplane could. It did not hover or zoom away it flew at nearly a constant rate of speed. Which was fast enough to get out of my range of view after 20-30 seconds of viewing it. There was no power up or signs of power except for the illumination of the lights on the corners of the “object” and underneath it. Upon first seeing it I saw solid white lights on the corners of the craft. They did not change colors nor did they blink/flashed/Pulsed. Along with that there also was a Red light on the underneath of the craft, just slightly off center, almost dead center but not quite. This Red light how ever did flash/blinked on and off. I was very excited upon seeing the object because I have seen many things before but nothing so close and with such distinction. I was following a friend of mine and I was flashing my lights at him, he didn’t slow down so I called him and he could not locate it and it was quickly getting out of view. After driving North On Boulder Highway I lost it as I was turning left, west bound on Sunset Rd. I lost it off in the distance, which was to the North West. If I had to guess at the size of the object it was definitely bigger than any standard Jumbo Jet. At the distance and speed it was traveling I’d say at least two Jumbo jets in width, perhaps bigger but definitely not smaller.

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