UFO Sighting in Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 23rd 2015 – while driving to work she said she was in allen county while waiting for a train to pass at anthony and creighton.

I want to protect my sister these are her exact text words to me

it was on friday 23 of october at 5:45 in the morning.I was leaving for work when I decieded to go another route because of the train (train was coming at the cross road where she stopped )and i look to the left and i see two bright lights ( she said one was ontop of the other so there were two orbs ) that were the size of basketballs. it followed me while I was driving I thought it was an airplane but it wasnt.it made a loud noise ( she said it sounded like the wind blowing while driving in a car with the windows rolled up.) when she stoped at a stop light it stopped.and when i turned it still followed me until i turned on to another street I lost it.

she also witnessed the same UFO on mothers day night of 2015.

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