UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on September 23rd 2015 – I was on my roof watching the sunset.I always see them but that day I got my Note4 so I tried it and caught them this time.

Before you read: Yes I am Crazy! Ok got that out the way. I spend alot of time on my roof. I stay away from people, so they are what I have. I was on my roof as always and decided today Im gonna see if I can catch one of them in a picture. I can see the ships with my bare eyes thanks to their gift.But cameras have s hard time picking them up unless the sun assists you. Cause it disrupts their cloaking shield. It has a life of it’s own it seems. It’s made of the same plasma as the sun, so it bends light rendering it invisible pretty much except when thr chem trails are sprayed..they use whatever chemicals to mimic clouds and blend in..and there are more than ships floating around. Thats all the do, float and watch us. Their fleet makes very little sound if any, just s low hum. Sometimes it sound like rumbling from afar but you can’t ever see a Jet ar airplane..and thats another thing zIve noticed.When there ate alot of them, the planes stop. And I live a ways away from the base. So I know the difference between aircraft used by homosapien, and what isn’t. You need you remember they are way more advanced than you can ever be. So their laws of physics and gravity don’t apply to them. Because they choose not to. If you weren’t taught, to know you limits, anything is possible.They could have taken us out anytime they wanted.But they are waiting..they hsve been for a long time. These are just some Pics. If you would like zI could show you how they hide in plain sight. Its actually leaves me in awe evertime a huge one mimic the stars at night..the stars look distorted..gor a dot anyways!! Lol

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