UFO Landing in Dean Park, New South Wales on March 27th 2012 – They have been watching me all my life,and it finally came out of this cloud and came into my backyard.and they are still here i see them every day and nigth and they have a base here and i know where it is up in the sky.i have over 2000 videos of them yo

They are here and i know where they are and there are so many of them i really don’t know what to to anymore.they want leave me alone i know all about them and what they look like they are not what every one goes on about they are like nothing you have ever seen before.okay here goes, these aliens are invisible? no one on this planet knows nothing about them and yet they are every where around us they are invisible to humans.they have a very big base here i have many videos of this base that is up in the sky and it is invisible,its about 50kms long by about 50kms wide i can see it know one even knows that its even here.i sort of know why they are here and watching me cant rally tell you rigth now but they are here rigth now?i can see them when they are invisible,they or nigth any kind of weather but best time to see them is when it is raining or cloudy thats when it came out of the cloud down to me in my backyard i throught i was going to die when this thing came straigth for me and went through me like i was nothing i could not believe what was happening.and this thing was so so big and long it must have been at lest 250ftlong it was transparent it was all most invisible and it had really big ligths for eyes,it came down so fast i did not have tie to hit the deck it i was insde this thing and i was so scared i have never ever been so scared in my life you wont believe how scared i was.but then realized it was harmless.but did not say anything it just looked at me like it knew me and i said hello and it just flash its ligths that look like eyes at me and went back to that colud up in the sky that is still here i know a lot about them now and they have shown me things that i cant not talk about here rigth now ,anyway i have over 2000 vides of them,they are like my friends now all i have to do when i see them when they are invisible is wave to them and they flash there ligths at me have that on video to.and to me they are friendly to me they have never done anything to me they watch over me i know what it is i could tell the would about them and they like t hide in the clouds thank to who ever hope you can help me i have all the proof that you want and i can even show you where they are if you were here thak you

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