UFO Sighting in Sterling, Illinois on October 29th 2015 – all the stars in the sky moved from the east to the west

1.i was at work taking out the trash about 130am.
2.i just had a feeling to look up to the sky.
3. when i frist looked up i thought i just was seeing the stars at night but it was moving from the east to the west.
4. there were more than i could count all moving from east to west like they were jets but all of them had a solid white light no flashing lights like on a plane or jet. the strange part is that the three stars of oriens belt were some of the lights that moved a crossed the sky.
5.i was thinking that they were missiles then thought it was the air force moving in a huge night time maneuvers or relocating a fleet of jets. i stood in the parking lot for a round five mins watching them move from the east to the west. after some time watching them i went home with a sense of aww and fear.
6.i stop watching thinking i was ether crazy or letting my imagination get the best of me.

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