UFO Sighting in Adrian, Michigan on October 30th 2015 – Strange pulsating single white light

5:55 am Friday October 30th 2015. Walking between buildings at work I noticed a single bright flash of white light to the North of my position. I stopped and it pulsated again a bright white light that just didnt seem normal. I began to track what seemed to be a very dim lighted object traveling due South almost directly overhead. It pulsated once again and I was able to keep visual on said “object”. It darted, for the lack of a better term, on an angle Northwesterly. It pulsated once again, this time i lost track of the faint “object”. It again pulsated but in a totally new location South/Southeast of my location. At this time of the morning I see plenty of Commercial aircraft and this didn’t exibit the normal lighting or flight characteristics of this aircraft. I just stood there in amazement and wondered what the hell I had just seen.It never pulsated again and was gone from sight…whatever it was. The light was so brilliant compared to the white lights of nearby Commerical aircraft.

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