Black Triangle Sighting in Bakersfield, California on September 29th 2015 – Gigantic triangle that formed from a si gle orb into 3 smaller orbs at points of triangle. Blocked stars and made a dull humming sound. An hour or so later we then saw another strange craft possibly 2 following the same path as triangle. c

We were standing on the the balcony of my apartment which has a wide swath of open sky too gaze upon. I noticed a large light coming from the southwest at about 1015 pm. My friend criston mentioned hed never seen a plane come from the direction or one that big land in bakersfield as i live near airport. The air traffic comes from the south by southeast. We continued watching and realized this thing was moving alow. Real slow. We wat hdd somewhat dumbfounded until the light slowly appeard too split into a perfect triangle with the 3 points of light spreading out slowly too the points where it help perfect shape and tumbled slowly end over end. I estimate from corner too corner too be at least 100-150 yards, this thing was massive!as it krept closer and kept a south too north by north east trajectory it passed over the apartments. By now many people qho were outside or driving by stopped and seen it. Even a sherriffs deputy got out of his car snapped some pics and radiod this ii. I also got photos. Asit started too move over the trees out of site we jumped in the truck and followed it with about 10 other vehicles in tow.we followed it a out 4 miles and it started too decend to barely 200 or so feet off theground. We pulled over as did everyone behind us and watched as it emitted a silvery bluesh flash almost like a flash bulb or lightening that lit the entire area up brighter than day light. It made alow grumbling hum and started too asscend back up and too the north eventualy out of sight. A sherriffs helicopter was seen about 15 minutes later hauling ass in the direction of this thing wbich ws now barely visible.a highway potroleman who saw us all pulled over got out and exclaimed ” an you believe this crazy s#$%??” upon further conversation he said the police band and 911 were being bombarded with chatter which was later confirmed by kbak eyewitness news own news desk manager. I sent him my photos that night and when he and a rwporter were working on a top off piece for the next mornings news they were abruptly ordered by the main station director that no story would be ran and it was a non-story. Come too find out meadows field diverted air traffic for 3 hours that night starting at 9:50 pm. I learned all this from talming toothe news deak manager the next day. Aftfer the large craft was gone id say 45 mi utes or so we zaw a second smaller faster craft which lookedtoo split into 2 and reform while jetting towards the direction the larger craft flew. I have enclosed picsfrom that evening.

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