Black Triangle Sighting in Dunwoody, Georgia on October 30th 2015 – Looked like 2 shooting stars then they emerged to form 1 and triangular craft next to it

Last night around 7:20-7:30 I was driving back with my father in law from helping a family member move some stuff into a storage unit. We were less then a mile from home when I noticed what looked like 2 shooting stars falling from the sky. I was the passenger and my father in law was driving. I said look what is that and at that time he looked and saw what appeared to be 2 shooting stars as well. They were falling parallel to each other. As I observed them falling for about 5-10 seconds all of the sudden they seamed to come to a stop and became 1 object. I asked my father in law what is that are you seeing that this is really weird and he confirmed that he saw what I was seeing. Then where the 2 stars has joined and hauled there was a triangle shaped craft hovering. I asked my father in law if he saw the triangular shaped object as well and he confirmed that he did. There were aqua bluish lights luminicing under the triangular shaped object and it appeared to be hovering. The shooting star object that emerged from 2 to 1 was kind of dancing around the triangular craft moving back and forth. I kept asking my father in law if he was seeing what I was seeing as well and he confirmed. We were driving so my view was obstructed periodically as we passed by trees or buildings but I kept my focus on the object until we were in our neighborhood which is covered with trees and I loss sight of it. As soon as we got home I got out of the car and tried to observe the object from my driveway for about 10 mins but I couldn’t relocate the object. I desperately wanted to get the object on camera but it just never reappeared. When I went in the house my father in law was discussing with some family members what we had saw. I gave my account of what I saw as well. He was the one driving and I was the passenger so I observed the object longer. My spouse and I went out to dinner a few minutes later and I caught myself fixated on the sky although this time I was the one driving. I really wanted to see the triangular shape craft again so I could get it on camera but I never saw it again. I have watched tv shows about ufos such as ufo hunters, hangar 1,ufo files ect. I’ve never seen a ufo before but I have had interest in them for years. What was surprising to me was that although the triangular shaped craft was common amongst those shows the whole ordeal with the 2 shooting stars that became 1 object was what I considered unique. That wasn’t a sight I was familiar with from watching any ufo subject tv shows. Later that night and first thing this morning I looked online to see if anyone else had saw what my father in law and I had seen but no reports as of yet. There were a lot of people out and about it was 7:30ish on a Friday night in an Atlanta suburb and I know we weren’t the only ones to see the ordeal there’s just no way. Anyway that is my story

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