Strange Activity Near Orion’s Belt?

Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed strange activity near Orion’s Belt? Some nights I just look up at the stars… One particular night, I noticed a sort of formation to the far right of Orion’s Belt. It is lighter than the rest of the night, and is hard to see. But I see it there often. It has a sort of triangular shape. It is very high up, maybe a bit close to Earth than Orion’s Belt. It is massive, considering how far away it is. Has anyone else ever caught sight of it?

Anyways. That particular night, I watched the sky for a good two hours (I often observe the skies, waiting for something to happen. You would be surprised as to what you see if you just simply look; if you watch and wait). What I first noticed was the formation I mentioned. And as I continued to watch, I saw just underneath the first star of Orion’s Belt, a bright light which suddenly appeared and disappeared. I wondered if I’d actually seen it, or if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but just after, I saw to the bottom right of the third star of Orion’s Belt, the same thing; a sudden bright light, brighter than the stars, that immediately disappears. Both seemed to be at the same level as Orion’s Belt. These were not planes, as planes are not flying this high, and also don’t blink so few times, or as brightly. Just after the one on the right blinked, the one on the left blinked once more, and that was it for about an hour. It seemed to me as if they were communicating; showing the other where they were.

After that hour passed, I saw the same thing happen, but this time to the right of the formation.

About one more hour passed, and I saw a very small red dot appear right in front of the formation’s bottom left side. It seemed to have been shot out of it, and it was moving incredibly fast. I did not get to see where it went, because I was watching this from my window and so I wasn’t given sight of the entire sky. But it did not burn out as long as I was watching, which was about 15 seconds. I have seen falling stars before, and they are usually quite quick; there and gone; a streak of white. This was not as fast as a falling star, nor was it white, and it lasted much longer than most falling stars I see.

I ended up going to sleep after this, because it was late and I was quite content with what I’d seen. I “called it a night”.

In my personal opinion, I think that these were E.T.s and that they had a mission to do. What, I don’t know. Nor can I prove that what I seen was in fact E.T. activity. But it did not seem to be human-made, or a natural occurance.

What have you guys spotted near Orion’s Belt? Or, has anyone seen this sort of activity elsewhere?

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