UFO Sighting in Bishops Cleeve, on October 30th 2015 – two white lights seperated by about 11-15ft. at first thoguht a plane, then the middle part began to glow and i could see it was nothing normal, but a disc, like maybe doughnut shape.

I was driving my car back home and was 2 mins from my doorstep.

I turned down the Stoke Orchard road, and observed two bright white lights in the sky, separated by about 11-15ft with a apparent wing span.

My fist initial thought was “plane”

i turned my focus back to the road… (As was driving)

Then the lights got really bright, the middle part began to glow
the light was rippling around the middle part……

(At this point I kinda freaked out, as I knew it wasn’t a plane)

It had a disc like doughnut shape I think, there was a slight tint of orange in the light in the middle as it reflected and rippled across its surface,

I began looking for somewhere to pull over which took me about 60 seconds, before I was out the car again with phone in my hand and back at the spot.

Sadly it was too late….
– It had vanished (i did wait 5 mins).

By the way, the object was observed over a Rubbish tip
which I found out today is a Toxic waste site apparently.

Thing is, this is not the first time I have seen this at that place.

Saw the same thing 6 months ago (had a friend in the car).

Could it be Gas from the rubbish site? – maybe.

But what i saw yesterday, wasnt just lights it was…. well. Solid.

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