UFO Sighting in Robbinsville, North Carolina on October 2nd 2015 – found in 2 different pictures taken about 5-10 min apart. Didn’t notice anomaly until few weeks later.

Went for a short hike with my child on a mountain in Nantahala forests. Somewhat overcast day. Taking pictures of flowers and landscape. The fist picture I noticed it and dismissed it as a glare on the lense. It wasn’t until the end of October when I noticed it again in a different picture that I had taken a little farther down the trail. I had taken pictures in between these two pictures of other things where the object did not show up.
So I looked closers at the two pictures and noticed it had moved down the trail.
I looked at it over and over again and zooming in on it I noticed that it had distinct features and had actually moved from hovering over the bushes to the next picture in which it had receded in to the woods a few feet. It seemed to hover about the same distance off the ground in both pictures
I have no idea what it is but it doesn’t look like a glare or debris on the lenses to me. It was taken on a Samsung Galaxy 16mp phone.
You know everything I know about these pictures now. I am submitting this in good faith that you will please keep my identify annonamous!
I have nothing to gain from this other than curiosity of what you expert conclusion is.
Many of my friends and family have seen these pictures and none of us can come up with an explaination.
These were taken in a very secluded area for wildlife habitat management.
Again, PLEASE,in good faith, do not share any of my personal information with the publiic! I would LOVE a reply when or if you come to any conclusions.
I also hope these pictures will help you with any investigations or scientific studies that you are working on.

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