UFO Sighting in Rushsylvania, Ohio on June 30th 1960 – Brilliant glowing orb streaked down in night sky, stopped, then hovered over the heads of our boy scout troop.

I feel compelled to relate this incident (summer of 1959 or ’60) even though so many years have passed. One summer evening when I was in the Explorer Scouts our leader, after our meeting, asked if the unit would like to hike down to our local small-town reservoir to check out the night sky. It was a beautiful clear and warm evening and a perfect time to go star searching. At the reservoir there was a pumping station built out over the water with a concrete cat-walk leading out to the station, a perfect place for viewing. We were gathered along the walkway when someone shouted “there’s a falling star.” A mega-bright glowing, reddish/orange/yellow circular orb of light appeared over the horizon, streaking through the sky, did not burn out or disappear, but instead, seemingly a second or less, slowed and hovered almost directly over our heads. Stationary only momentarily, it began to circle the periphery of the water, slightly above the treetops. The reservoir is surrounded by trees and woods and the water area covers multiple acres. If memory serves it circled the area approximately 3 times and then as abruptly as it appeared it was gone in a flash streaking back over the horizon from the way it had come. I don’t remember anyone speaking during the event or moving in the least. I have never had a feeling quite like that; totally awestruck and immobile. I do not think I could have moved to save my life and I was not able to speak until after the object had disappeared. Thinking back over the years, but even more so recently, I have thought it odd that walking home that evening from the reservoir I don’t remember anyone really talking much about what we had just seen, neither our leader nor the 10-12 other boys in our group. Nor did we ever mention it again. When back for a high school reunion in 2012 one boy who was present with us that startling night had no memory of the event. The others had either died or moved away or were otherwise unavailable and the troop leader was long deceased; no one else left to review our memories together. It is also odd to me that when I got home that evening my mother had gone to bed, much earlier than usual and she ordinarily would wait up until I was home; the also my dad was home and he always worked very late. Timewise I should have arrived home no later than 9:30 or 10 P.M. At the time I did not wonder why my father was home so early, several hours before his usual time and my mother in bed so early. I can not now rationalize why there was such a discrepancy in what appears now as some lost hours. I do not remember looking at a clock upon arriving home. I did mention what I had seen to my father and he did not take my description of the event seriously to my utter disappointment and no one else to report it to; no significant police presence and calling the sheriff most certainly would have been a lost cause. At the time there was an Air Force radar installation (Hi-Point area of Bellefontaine, Ohio) just a few miles away and in the direction from which the object appeared and afterward disappeared. At 14 years old I could not even envision calling the Air Force. So that is my description of the event after all these years. So thank you for the opportunity to report an obvious unidentified flying object which made absolutely no sound,created no heat or wind drafts and definitely was not swamp gas, northern lights, an airplane or helicopter, weather balloon or other man-made body. I am now retired, do consider myself somewhat accomplished, rational, intelligent with several advanced degrees and so far have avoided the dreaded Alzheimers. Thank you so much for your efforts and for affording me the opportunity to finally report this incident.

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