Was the Secret Service or CIA Involved in the JFK Assassination? Conspiracy Theories (2013)

The House Select Committee on Assassinations reported that it investigated “alleged Secret Service complicity in the assassination” and concluded that the Secret Service was not involved. However, the HSCA declared that “the Secret Service was deficient in the performance of its duties.” Among its findings, the HSCA noted: (1) that President Kennedy had not received […]

Part II: Bill Gates’ Published Plan to Drench the Earth With Sulfuric Acid

Chemtrails: Bill Gates and Monsanto To Monopolize Food Production and Kill Billions Under the Pretext of Fighting Global Warming, Bill Gates & Monsanto to Monopolize Food Production Using Chemtrails as Herbicidal Warfare: The Plan to Dump 20 Megatons of Sulfuric Acid Into the Atmosphere From Custom-Designed Drone Airships To Benefit Monsanto’s ‘Climate Stress’ Seed Patents […]


The Mother’s words to the daughter about how priests with lawful faculties of absolution, no matter what kind of sinners they themselves are, are able to absolve from sins; the same applies to the sacrament of the Eucharist. SAINT BRIDGET PATRON SAINT OF EUROPE BOOK 4 Chapter 41 The Mother speaks: “Go to him who […]

WTF!!! Alien Metallic UFO [Landing] into Earth In Weeks!! [NASA CONFIRMS] 2015

Astronomers have yet to identify the source of the mystery Metallic Object! WT1190F, dubbed it “WTF” by scientists! Also Halloween Asteroid 2015 TB145 Set To Nearly Miss Earth! Sour Links http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/614736/Sign-of-the-end-Alien-UFO-crash-Earth-weeks-THIRD-Friday-13th-year Thirdphaseofmoon is looking for the best UFO footage Shot by People Like you from Around The World! Upload your ufo Video To Youtube, Then […]

Mother Earth The Artist, Los Angeles 7:00 AM, 5-3-15

“Humanity at large is on a “taking binge” with little understanding of the necessity of a return flow of energy to the planet through appreciation and honoring the provisions that maintain life.” book 3 ref, myfocusofpurpose.org cool refreshing day with beautiful skies in West Los Angeles 7:00 AM Sunday May 3rd 2015. I just finished […]

Scottish Independence or Scotland In Dependence? – Geneva Business Insider

This month on the Geneva Business Insider, James and David preview next week’s Scottish independence vote and the various political forces that are clashing as the Scottish people go to the polls. We discuss the push for NATO membership, EU membership and a central bank for “free” Scotland and how it undermines the entire push […]

Alex Jones Show: Sunday (8-16-15) Full Show

COMMERCIAL FREE VIDEO HERE… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imt0smLfnHk On the Sunday, August 16 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, the Hillary campaign team grows more nervous, as an FBI criminal probe reveals at least 60 emails on the former secretary of state’s private server contained highly classified information. We also look at the volcanoes in Japan and Ecuador, […]

Daily UFO Headlines 10/30/2015

ON THIS DAY: In 1938, Martians Invaded The U.S.A. – Yahoo News UK Guv Believes in Aliens—and Jeb Bush’s Chances – The Daily Beast UFO conference to bring in experts, worldwide visitors – White Mountain Independent Darks skies offer optimal UFO awareness – Oak Bay News What was fake on the Internet this week: Why […]

Scientific UFO Data Collection – Open Minds UFO Report

Welcome to the Open Minds UFO Report! We bring you the latest UFO news on weekly basis, with interviews from news makers and UFO researchers. You won’t want to miss an episode! Stories in this week’s show: Group of scientists plan to crowd fund UFO data collection stations Oklahoma witness videotapes odd-shaped UFO Several UFOs […]

UFO Sighting in Bishops Cleeve, on October 30th 2015 – two white lights seperated by about 11-15ft. at first thoguht a plane, then the middle part began to glow and i could see it was nothing normal, but a disc, like maybe doughnut shape.

I was driving my car back home and was 2 mins from my doorstep. I turned down the Stoke Orchard road, and observed two bright white lights in the sky, separated by about 11-15ft with a apparent wing span. My fist initial thought was “plane” i turned my focus back to the road… (As was […]

Black Triangle Sighting in Bakersfield, California on September 29th 2015 – Gigantic triangle that formed from a si gle orb into 3 smaller orbs at points of triangle. Blocked stars and made a dull humming sound. An hour or so later we then saw another strange craft possibly 2 following the same path as triangle. c

We were standing on the the balcony of my apartment which has a wide swath of open sky too gaze upon. I noticed a large light coming from the southwest at about 1015 pm. My friend criston mentioned hed never seen a plane come from the direction or one that big land in bakersfield as […]

Mysterious Star and Aliens Were Hot Topic on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

By www.ew.com10-30-15       Somewhere out there, aliens could be watching us. At least that’s what Stephen Colbert tried to prove on Thursday night’s episode of The Late Show. The host was joined by Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey host Neil deGrasse Tyson and producer Seth MacFarlane to discuss the recent buzz about a potential […]