Syphilis, My Dear Watson

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous characters in English literature, revered by fans of mystery from Victorian London to the present day, where he is still celebrated for his keen eye, wealth of knowledge, and aptitude for deductive reasoning. Indeed, Holmes has grown in status from a protagonist in a magazine serial to a […]

Google Website Searches: Focus On UFO Incidents At Homes/Houses

Website: National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena ( (House) (Residence) (Apartment) Website: National UFO Reporting Center ( (Home) (House) (Residence) (Apartment) (Condominium) (Condo) Website: UFO Casebook ( (Home) (House) (Residence) (Apartment) (Condominium) (Condo) Website: (Home) (House) […]

Black Hole Rips a Cosmic ‘Burp’ as It Swallows a Star

Black holes aren’t exactly polite eaters. For the first time, scientists observed a black hole both devouring a star and ripping a plasma ‘burp’ as it consumed its meal — an incredibly rare find. Scientists have previously seen a black hole consume a star, and they’ve also seen black holes spew superheated matter, but this is the […]

Simulation Brings North Korean Refugee Home Again

Virtual reality journalism can give news audiences a deeply intimate look at the hardships of refugees from war-torn countries such as Ukraine, Syria and South Sudan. But such technology could also give displaced refugees a virtual trip back to the hometowns that existed prior to the devastation of war. A virtual driving simulation has helped one elderly North Korean man […]

California family recalls underwater UFO incident

by Roger Marsh on November 30, 2015 A California witness at Avalon Harbor recalled an encounter from 1982 with an underwater UFO as the family sailed to Catalina, according to testimony in Case 72642 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The event occurred on June 15, 1982. “My stepfather and mother loved […]

Daily UFO Headlines 11/30/2015

Onondaga County UFO Hot Spots – Syracuse New Times Moon-like orb floating over the skies of Hull in 1801 is the first recorded sighting of a UFO on earth – Daily Mail Twitter astounded after UFO sighting in Cape Town – The Financial Express Shocking claim: Are aliens experimenting on food stocks by mutilating cattle? […]

The Sun blows its top — again

Every once in awhile, a kind of hole blows out in the Sun’s atmosphere — a “coronal hole,” as it is called. And it has happened again, this time on top of the Sun. You can see it above in a sequence of images captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft, or SDO, in different wavelengths […]