Sighting up close. Can’t make this up.

Last year around November my girlfriend and I drove to the deleware river after work to have a few drinks and relax. We left the car running because it was really cold that night and we kept the headlights on to see a little better in front of us. I was by no means drunk at this point, I’ve only had 2 beers in an hour because we’re trading stories. So here comes the good part.

She was on my lap in the passenger seat and we are both looking across to new jersey and we’re saying how nice it all looked. All the stars in the sky, the illumination behind the tree line on the other side (you could practically see every leaf), and the calm river. So she’s looking at me now talking to me and I’m looking up and notice the sky isn’t looking right. Something was different. The stars were no longer there. And in the blink of an eye…. Boom.. the clouds were about 150 to 200 feet from the water.

The cloud looked thin but just thick enough to hide in. I immediately see red and white lights illuminating inside the cloud. It looked like any other light shining through thick fog. And when I say thick.. Mother fucker I mean thick. But the lights were so vibrant and clear I felt a huge rush go through my body at the same time. I had to puch my girlfriend off of me so I could turn around to see if a car was behind us out of the rear window and make sure I didn’t just see a reflection… Pitch black. No lights no people no nothing.

So I turn back around and I see the bottom of the ship peek at the bottom of the fog cloud. It looked to be 60 ft in diameter but I didn’t see the full circumference, just a portion. I was terrified I started crying out of fear I thought they were going to blow everything up and that was it.
My girlfriend had no idea what I was seeing. I couldn’t get 1 word out. I knew what to say. I felt like I could just say turn around. Look. A spaceship. An alien spacecraft right there just turn around. But I couldn’t move one word out of my mouth.

She’s begging me to tell her and in the blink of an eye it was gone. I told her “look look omg wtf is that holy shit Sam omg omg” she turned around to see nothing and right after she turned around….. The fog. You could see the fog moving from thimpossiblen and it rolled up the hill and right to the front of the car. I told Sam look you can’t see the other side of the river let alone right in front of us!

She was freaked out because it was approximately 3 mins before she was just complimenting the beauty of the surroundings. So I get into the drivers seat and turn around to drive away… The fog was so bad I couldn’t see 5 feet in front of the car but i knew my way out so i hit the gas I rolled for about 1000 feet maybe more until visibility slowly came back.

The whole time we both were tearing up because it was so supernatural. It was impossible because it was likely 30 degrees with wind that night and suddenly out of nowhere no wind !? You have not experienced fear like seeing something that close and feeling like you forgot how to speak. I feel like something didn’t want me to speak.

This is my gods honest truth.
I’m an American I believe in god even after what I saw.

I’m a normal person. I work. Eat. Shit sleep like everyone else. I know now the only way I’d be crazy is if I thought for one second that the billions of stars in our galaxy we are the only form of life.
I hope I am alive the day they come back and land and make contact with us.

Thank you for reading.
Butch Wright.
Philadelphia PA

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