UFO News Article: “Opinion: UFO sighting makes farmer afraid for cattle abduction”

By Sam Uptegrove, 8 October 2015
(Christian County Headliner News, Ozark, Missouri)
Quote from the article:
“ The witness provided his telephone number in his initial email, and I called him that evening with a few follow-up questions. I learned that the location of the sighting was in the southwest quadrant of Dade County, and was also able to confirm that he had only passing interest in and limited knowledge of UFOs prior to his personal experience. In fact, he asked more questions than I did during the conversation and was surprised that there have been so many sightings over the years here in this area.

One element of the phenomenon that he was well aware of, however, was the proposed connection between UFOs and the mysterious mutilations of livestock. He expressed concern that the craft observed was ‘checking out’ his own herd, since it was hovering above his pasture. He had heard about the outbreak of such incidents here in the Ozarks in the 1990s, but was not aware that at least one of them had occurred here in this county. I gave him the names of several websites he could visit to obtain more information of both types of incidents.

In my opinion, this observation remains unexplained. The shape and color was wrong for a balloon, and I agreed wholeheartedly with the other objections he mentioned to that possibility.”


Satellite photo of Greenfield (Dade County seat), Missouri 
(tageo.com(tageo.com photo)

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