UFO Sighting in Levittown, Pennsylvania on October 17th 2015 – 3 white balls of energy swirling covered by a cloud

I was inside the house when my son called me to tell me that he could see it across state lines. I tried to debunk it by looking for rays of light from a light show in a nearby shopping center but there weren’t anything going on that evening. The objects were in white color, circling in which at one point one of them change direction on a dime. Being intuitive allowed me to witness a lot of energy discharge in the air as well as being able to see energy discharge within in the clouds. I felt as though I was in another world to be honest. I came back in the house to review my video and it was like 3-5 minutes later I went outside to continue watching they were completely gone. The clouds and the UFO’s were gone. There were NO clouds in sight, the sky was crystal clear as it shows in my video but they did come back in which I didn’t take a video of but I witnessed. Again, they were covered within the clouds that suddenly appeared. Also, being intuitive I can hear different frequencies and I have heard weird sound waves with what sounds like people mumbling. I only hear this late a night.

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