UFO Sighting in Michigan on September 1st 1965 – Im 63 now,this happen when i was out fishing with my dad and uncle.

I was 11yrs old 1965 , fishing on houghton lake mi. Around 6pm evening. Im not sure who first notice it , i think i ask my dad what it was. It was directly overhead around 500 ft up. Round silver disk. We watched it for around an hour. I remember me dad and uncle begining to get alittle nervious. I remember , this also made me scared . There seemed to be some missing time in volved. Next thing i remembered is heading back in to shore. It was after dark.I remember watching as it turned orange and shot straight up. I ask my dad years later he had no memory of the event. I found this strange sence it was such a big deal at the time.

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