UFO Sighting in Milford, Connecticut on October 26th 2015 – AT night around 3 a there are unexplained lights that move from east to mnorth and is reocurring.

Over the last several days I’ve noticed from my bedroom window that there are 2 to 3 very bright lights in the east that move very sporadically. When I took pictures of them they look different… one picture shows a cloud around it, another picture shows the trail. Also in the pictures there’s a red light that seems to pulsate every six seconds, when blown up this red light in the picture it looks like two red headlights.

I did not know what the object was because it was so much brighter than any star and that particular first night that I saw this there were no other stars or clouds in the sky. I would say it looked like it was 50 times brighter than a regular star and it was much closer than a star.

This sighting has happened almost every night since OCT 26 but only on clear nights. The lights come down closer to the water and stay in the stagnant position for an hour or an hour and a half AND THEN AT DUSK they move up directly north where they then disappear .. In one of the videos you can see that they actually move very sporadically.

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