UFO Sighting in Mount Sterling, Ohio on November 3rd 2015 – Bright White light that ejected small red light

I was on break at work setting in my truck smoking. I noticed a light off in the distance I had never seen before. Working here for 5 years I know the sky line like the back of my hand so I watch for abnormal things in the sky all the time. When I looked out I saw this very bright white light that seemed to grow brighter every few moments then dim a little. I thought it might be a visible star getting ready to blow or something along those lines. After a few minutes the ball of light flashed a little brighter and out of the white ball a small gold light ejected from it’s bottom part. It almost looked like a spark coming off of it, but it traveled up just a bit and out to its left side from my direction of view. Then the gold ball stopped there and turned a deep red color and wasn’t as bright. I watched it for another fifteen or so minutes. The whole time both balls stayed in the exact same spot. The little red ball from time to time would flash a bright white light then go back to its almost a blackish red. The whole time my radio kept fuzzing out and going to complete static on a station I never have issues with. The whole time I was just mesmerized by it. I’ve only ever seen something like this when I was young so it was kind of exhilarating. It was still in the sky when I headed in from my break at 3:45am. I pointed it out to a co-worker heading to his car. He said the same thing, that he had never seen that before in the sky and he had been here fifteen years. We both know there is no power lines, radio towers, or any type of light in that area at all. The only light out in the tree line is from one of those plane towers that blink red and the object I saw was about half a mile away from it.

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